Lifting Lives Program LogoThe Lifting Lives program is a unique program at JMJ Pregnancy Center to provide support to families facing difficulties during and after pregnancy. The program is designed to provide unconditional love and support and give families hope in the light of darkness.  Lifting Lives has 4 pillars and is a holistic approach to supporting the needs of the family.

Over 10,000 families have been part of our Lifting Lives Program since 2009 and we are honored to be part of their journey.


Material support: If you need maternity clothing, you can come in any time during your pregnancy and look at what we have on hand.  After your baby is born, you can make an appointment to come in for a layette. This layette contains many things, from new outfits to blankets, baby wash to bottles, diapers to sleepers.  You may also choose to receive a large item, like a car seat or crib, if needed and available. After the first visit, you can make an appointment to come in for material support once a month, until your child’s first birthday, to receive emergency supplies (like diapers, formula, clothes). Everything we give out comes from donations from the local community and everyone is encouraged to bring items back once their baby grows out of them. We are a network of families helping families.

Resource Counseling: With each visit, please take a look at our resource list.  Since each family’s needs are different, if you would like to sit with an advisor to talk about your situation and what you need, we would love to do that with you.  We can help you set goals and find local resources that can help you achieve those goals. Most families are unaware of the wonderful resources that we have in this community and it is usually a matter of taking the time to research and get them in contact with the right people. We have many connections with organizations that help you with things like job searching, budgeting, escaping abuse, childcare assistance, career counseling, post-abortion recovery and much more.

In-House Classes: As we have grown, we have found a need for individual and group classes to help families that visit us. Please call your local center to find more information about when classes are being offered.  We are developing more programs based on the needs we see in our centers and we are always looking for people willing to donate time to teach/mentor our families.

Professional Services: We also have professionals that volunteer services for our clients. We have had licensed mental health counselors, doctors, attorneys, midwives, business owners, etc. that volunteer their services to help our clients in many ways.  If you have a situation that may require the help of a professional, we will help connect you with people that we know and trust.