We care about you. We know you are facing perhaps the greatest crisis of your life. You don’t have to face it alone. All services are free and offered with strict confidentiality. We are located in Orlando and offer free pregnancy tests and free ultrasound services.

You may have many questions:

Am I sure I’m pregnant?

Just because you feel pregnant, does not necessarily mean you are and likewise, just because you do NOT feel pregnant does not mean you are NOT.  We offer free pregnancy testing.  If you think you might be pregnant, come in and we can do a test.

What about money?

Money is a huge concern for everyone.  All of our services are free.  We also have many resources available to help you if you are pregnant.  We give every client that comes in for a test a free Medicaid Proof of Pregnancy, so if you do not have insurance, you can use this to apply for Medicaid.  This Proof of Pregnancy costs about $80 most places.  We also have lists of resources for you that you may not be aware of.  If not being able to afford this pregnancy is your concern, please come in and see us.

How will I tell my parents/husband/boyfriend?

This is a difficult thing to do, but we have helped many women break the news to the people that support them.  If your family or the father of the baby is supportive, that is wonderful, but even if they are not, we can help you talk to them.  Just remember your family loves you, even if they get upset with you, it will work out.

What about medical expenses?

Medical expenses can be a concern for many people during pregnancy.  As we mentioned above, we give every client that comes in for a test a free Medicaid Proof of Pregnancy, so if you do not have insurance, you can use this to apply for Medicaid Pregnancy insurance.  We also have lists of Doctors that will accept this insurance and some resources that will even help you through the application process.

Where will I live?

This will depend on your situation and the level of support you have.  Most women do not have to change their living arrangements, but if there is a threat to your safety or another reason that you cannot stay where you are, we can help you find a place to stay.

Can I finish school?

This one is easy, absolutely.  There are so many programs out their for pregnant students at any age.  We have helped thousands of women find resources to help them through school.  Don’t ever let anyone try to scare you into thinking that pregnancy will keep you from finishing school.

Can I keep my job?

There are laws out there to protect you and your employer cannot fire you just because you are pregnant.  There may be extenuating circumstances, but in almost all cases, you should have no problem keeping your job.  If this situation does come up, where you cannot keep your job, we can work with you to help find a different job.

What about adoption?

When many people hear about adoption, they think of the scary stories you hear on TV shows.  That is not the reality of adoption anymore.  Adoption has come a long way.  It is not giving up your child, it is a selfless gift to your child if you are not in a position to care for a baby.  There are many different types of adoptions and if you think it may be something you might consider, we have information available to help you find out if it could work for you.

There are many more questions you may have.  Call us and we can help answer these and any other questions you may have.

We have been there. We understand the issues that come with an unexpected pregnancy and we can help you answer these questions and many others. Call us today at 407-839-0620 or email us at info@jmjlifecenter.org.