When most people refer to planning a family, they are talking about either avoiding pregnancy or trying to get pregnant. When people are trying to avoid pregnancy, we have all had it drilled into our heads that we need to use “Protection” to avoid getting pregnant. We are not very “protected” from pregnancy when you consider the fact that about half of the pregnancies in the US are unexpected (meaning people THOUGHT they were protected, but got pregnant). What does that say about our understanding of how and when a woman can get pregnant?

This is really a question about the woman, because guys can get a women pregnant at any time after puberty. They are always fertile. However, WOMEN are only ABLE to get pregnant 12-72 hours a month. Typically women are the ones responsible for making sure they don’t get pregnant, because they are the ones that have to carry the child whereas men have the option of walking away.birth control

Obviously, what we are doing is not working out to well. Women are having implants, taking pills, shots, drastic surgeries, etc. to keep themselves from getting pregnant for those few hours a month. And these forms of hormonal contraception have Class 1 Carcinogens, which means they cause Cancer in addition to the other serious side effects, you know, the FINE print that no one actually reads or thinks will ever happen to them.

JMJ Pregnancy can offer you an alternative to this mayhem. We have information about Natural Family Planning (NFP), which is an umbrella term for a number of methods used to achieve and postpone pregnancy. These methods are based on the observation of naturally occurring signs of the fertile phase of a woman’s fertility cycle. The scientifically proven methods are more effective than other forms of family planning and you don’t have to put harmful chemicals in your body (bonus)!

NFP methods focus on teaching women how to track their sign of fertility and their overall women’s health. If you have irregular periods, PMS, PCOS, depression, thyroid conditions, mood swings, or a variety of other symptoms, using NFP methods, you can discover if your hormones are off balance and can see a doctor about treating the cause, not the symptoms.

To find out more about NFP options, schedule an appointment to meet with one of our advisors.