I would venture to guess that there have been MORE unplanned pregnancies in the span of time than planned ones. Our society is so obsessed with our personal plans that we forget that we are defined by how we handle the things we do not expect. There are many surprises in life, good and bad. Meeting your soul mate is typically an unplanned event, I know meeting mine was completely unexpected, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Other unexpected things can be life changing, like losing a loved one. When unexpected things happen, we need to embrace that everything happens for a reason. The most miserable people in this world are the ones that are the victims of their situations. Don’t get me wrong, some people fall on very hard times and they have every reason to be upset, but the beautiful stories, that we are all moved by, are the ones where people rise above their pain or their hurt and achieve greatness. Some of the people I admire most have experienced great loss or done horrible things in their past. Those people have every reason to be miserable, but they have made a conscious choice to not be defined by grief or pain or regret.

Be comforted in knowing that, at any moment, you can decide to live the path that has been set for you and embrace the unexpected, good and bad. You can rise above your problems and find happiness in helping others through hard times. You can be a beautiful story.