If you have taken the first dose of the Mifepristone (Mifeprex or RU-486) and regret your decision, we can help you. Many women that take the first dose of this chemical abortion change their mind and want to undo the effects.

There is a completely safe and effective process out there to reverse the effects and help you maintain the pregnancy. We know this is scary, but we are here to support you.

What is a Chemical Abortion

It usually involves a 2 step process. The first step involved taking Mifepristone, (aka RU486). This drug blocks the effects of progesterone. Progesterone is a hormone your body needs to grow a healthy baby. Mifepristone blocks the nurturing effects of progesterone, which leads to the death of the developing baby.

The second step is taking Misoprostol. These tablets are taken orally about 24 to 48 hours after taking the mifepristone. The tablets will cause contractions and expel the remains of the baby. This process may take a few hours or as long as a few days.

The procedure is unsuccessful approximately 5-10% of the time with the potential of requiring an additional surgical abortion procedure to terminate the pregnancy.

Call us at the location nearest you today. The quicker you start the process, the more likely it will be to work.